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Should the Broncos pursue Robert Griffin III?

Yes, rumors are spreading like mid-summer wild fires in California regarding RGIII. But should the Broncos sign him? Lets discuss below.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

A lot is being said about Robert Griffin III coming to Denver.

Yes, 90% of it is probably garbage, but there's that remaining 10% that is probably based in fact.

As with most things, they don't get spoken if they aren't at least based on a little bit of actual truth. So lets see if the Denver Broncos should sign RGIII or if they should do what Coloradian's do and puff, puff, PASS.

Is RG3 better than Osweiler?

Obviously, the first question to be addressed is whether or not RGIII is in fact better than Brock Osweiler. Forget the price tag on Brock, that will be addressed in the following questions. You can't build your team simply with dollar amounts. You have to have the best players for the best price. Just like you can't fill your roster with all-pros (well, unless you're Denver's defense, but I digress). You see, there is talent and there is price. You build a successful organization when talent and price do the most scintillating of tangos that you have ever seen.

We all know that I supported Brock this year. I was very careful to make sure that everything I wrote and all the comments I created stated that I thought Brock was our best option at QB who was on our team. I said he could do what needed to be done, and he proved me (and everyone else saying the same thing) correct.

I said that to say this: I don't want anyone to think I'm a Brock Lover or a Brock Hater. I'm a Broncos lover and give not-so-humble opinions on players. I think Brock is plenty competent to run the X's and O's of Gary's offense. But is that enough? Look, there's no denying that when Brock was in the game, our offense actually performed better than with Peyton playing. But guess what? Our record wasn't as good. Both QB's lost exactly 2 games the entire year, but Peyton played in more. Sure, we got bailed out by the defense a lot more with Peyton, but isn't that kinda the point of having a mega-star quarterback?

The saying "your franchise quarterback has to raise all boats" is a saying for a reason. Sure, statistically Brock's offense was better, but on the field, a different story was being written. When Peyton came in, you saw everyone get renewed hope. Hell, I'm going to say this right here and right now: The Broncos wouldn't have won the Super Bowl if Peyton didn't come back in during the week 17 game against the Chargers.

There, the pink elephant has been addressed. And yes, that's relevant because, well, will Brock "raise all boats" during the 2016 season? Will RGIII? I'm not sure on either of them, but I've seen the passion Brock and RGIII have given their team, and although they both play with the fire I love to see, it just looked like RGIII's teammates liked playing for him MORE than Brock's did. Now, I'm not saying that is accurate, especially seeing Brock wasn't officially the "starter" for the rest of the season, so his teammates had to be guarded, but when RGIII is on, boy does his team love him.

Would RG3 flourish under Kubiak's scheme?

Does Kubiak's system fit RGIII or Brock better? Man, this is a tough one. You see, we've seen Brock run this offense pretty good. Not great, but pretty well. Brock is less mobile that I'd realistically want in this offense though. I saw a whole lot of yards that he didn't get because for whatever reason, he just looks like he's running with cement shoes on. I don't think "seasoning" will help that. You can either run or you can't. I'm not saying he has to be a "running quarterback", but I want my Kubiak system quarterback to be able to maximize the yardage that is in front of him when the bootleg works. I just didn't see that with Brock.

RGIII, well, we know that he has wheels. I think RGIII is what Tim Tebow wanted to be. He can run, he can pass, but he isn't as mentally tough as Tim. But I digress, I think RGIII would take this Kubiak system to the next level. No more 2nd & 10 bootlegs with 20 yards of green grass, only to see (insert Peyton or Brock here) our QB not run or only get 5 yards when there was 20 to be had. If anyone gives RGIII 20 yards of open field, he's getting 35 yards out of it. That is how crazy athletic he is. And the best part about him is that he isn't necessarily a "run first" quarterback. He looks to pass, and if that isn't there, then he's an extremely gifted runner and escape artist.

Chalk me up for thinking RGIII could run this offense better than Brock. But I'll be dying to see what you all think.

How much will RG3 cost?

Price tag. Yes, the dreaded "what will it cost" to sign Brock versus RGIII. Honestly, none of us know. The Broncos have been rumored to have thrown out $10 million for Brock per year and Brock wanting $12.5. How much of that is true, I don't know. If history has taught us anything, it's this: "no matter how connected you are, no matter how many 'sources close to the team' you know, you just don't know jack squat unless your last name is ELWAY." And I'm not sure how much more clear I can be about that. Besides, it usually isn't the "per year" price tag that is the sticky point, we all know it's about the guarantee, which is another reason to completely ignore anything that has to do with money that you hear.

So who will be cheaper to sign? Rumor has it that the Broncos have some high price players needing to be addressed. Well, when pennies need to be pinched, things often times come down to price. Brock is young, played well for Peyton in his absence, and has a World Championship ring on his finger (HELL YES WE ARE CHAMPS!!!! Ain't nobody taking that away from us! I'm still on cloud nine)!

So you have a world champion, who John Elway gave credit to when he said "without Brock, we aren't here", and you have RGIII who the last time we saw him, was acting like a petulant child. Now, I'm not putting it all on RGIII. He played for a coach who didn't want him, and then for an entirely new coach that didn't really want him either. Sprinkle in major injuries, and its easy to see why he is being "forgotten" in the world of 2016 Free Agent Quarterbacks.

Now, do you  think Brock is cheaper than RGIII? I think they'll be very close to the same price. RGIII was the #2 overall selection. That means the dude has major talent. Its up to the coaches to get that talent out of him though, and again, we all know that he hasn't exactly been in a nurturing environment when it comes to that.

Brock has a good future, he really does. I'm not saying he's going to be a pro-bowler, and I'm not saying he won't. I think he's competent and can play the x's and o's game quite well, but we all know it takes more than that. RGIII? I'm not sure we've seen how good he really can be, and that's taking into account that he won Rookie of the freaking Year!

So it really is up to the other GMs to determine each of their price tags. I'm sure many GMs are salivating at the thought of having "Peyton's understudy", but those same GMs are surely understating RGIII in an attempt to sign him on the cheap. I think Brock signs for around $10-12 million with most of it guaranteed up front in the first few years. I think RGIII will be had for roughly the same price, depending on interest. I think RGIII has the potential to create a bidding war, whereas Brock won't simply because "when was the last time anyone playing behind Peyton was worth a crap?"

Make a decision already, Peyton

Peyton Manning... is he coming back? Remember, John Elway slashed $4 million from Peyton's salary, and that was coming off of a good year! Sure, Peyton made it back, but that isn't the point. If Elway slashed $4M coming off a good year, just imagine how much Elway will slash if Peyton wants to come back? I'm betting that Elway will say "you want to come back? We'll take you back at $10M per year. Take it or leave it." and Manning would take it. There isn't going to be a market for him, regardless of what 4 letter networks claim. Do you really think Manning wants to play Seattle, Arizona, and San Francisco's defenses 6 times next year? Hell to the no he doesn't. Why nobody mentions that is beyond me!

So think about this: If Brock wants more, and RGIII wants more, Peyton Manning, the living legend who last we saw, had gold confetti falling on his head, might actually be Denver's cheapest option at quarterback! The more things change, the more they seem to always stay the same. Now, that's only IF Peyton wants to play, and whether or not he should play is a debate that I'm hoping to stay far away from. But just keep that nugget in the back of your mind.

So what do I think will ultimately happen? I think the Broncos ultimately sign Brock. I think they probably should sign RGIII, but will sign Brock because he's already here and familiar.

I do think that if Brock plays hardball, that Elway will walk away and sign RGIII. Remember, Brock can run the X's and O's of this offense just fine... but so too could Kyle Orton. You need more than just X's and O's, you just do. Peyton had that "extra", and RGIII still has that extra. Brock? I'm not so sure. I'm not sure if what we saw last year was a backup knowing his place (Bubby Brister playing for Elway is the obvious example) or if that is truly Brock at his finest. What I do know is that if that was RGIII subbing in for Peyton, Kubiak likely doesn't say that he wants to see if RGIII can lift the team up like he did with Brock. Of that, I'm 99% certain.

I'm perfectly fine with seeing Brock come back, but honestly, if RGIII is even remotely healthy, I think he has a much higher ceiling than Brock does, and I'd be ecstatic to see him run for 10 yards on a 3rd & 9 instead of hand off for 2 yards or throw a 5 yard slant. Ugh. I want more out of this offense, and honestly, I think RGIII provides it. Go get him Elway, but either way, I trust you, and as always, GO BRONCOS! WE ARE THE CHAMPS!