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Denver Broncos strength of schedule for 2016 not so bad

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And that's a good thing, since only one team last year made the playoffs with a strength of schedule in the Top 6.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We still don't know exactly when teams will play, but knowing the opponents is good enough to determine each teams strength of schedule. According to CBS Sports, the NFC West and NFC South divisions are in for a brutal go at it in 2016, while the NFC East and NFC North are getting some cake walks. In case you were wondering, the AFC eats up the middle of the pack.

Coincidentally, that is exactly where the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos fall into line. The AFC West take up spots 13-16, with the Broncos with the fourteenth most difficult schedule next season. This bodes well for a run to repeat.

Here's the 2016 strength of schedule for each NFL team.

Rank Team SOS
T-1 San Francisco 49ers .555
T-1 Atlanta Falcons .555
3 Los Angeles Rams .551
4 New Orleans Saints .547
T-5 Seattle Seahawks .543
T-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers .543
T-7 Arizona Cardinals .531
T-7 New York Jets .531
9 New England Patriots .523
10 Buffalo Bills .520
11 Miami Dolphins .516
12 Carolina Panthers .512
13 San Diego Chargers .508
14 Denver Broncos .504
15 Oakland Raiders .500
16 Kansas City Chiefs .496
17 Washington Redskins .492
18 Minnesota Vikings .488
T-19 Houston Texans .484
T-19 Baltimore Ravens .484
21 Cleveland Browns .480
22 Indianapolis Colts .477
T-23 Pittsburgh Steelers .473
T-23 Tennessee Titans .473
T-23 Jacksonville Jaguars .473
26 Philadelphia Eagles .469
T-27 Cincinnati Bengals .465
T-27 Detroit Lions .465
T-27 Dallas Cowboys .465
T-30 Chicago Bears .461
T-30 New York Giants .461
32 Green Bay Packers .457

If you think this doesn't matter at all, then it should be noted that three of the five teams to start with the easiest strength of schedule ended up in the playoffs, with one missing the playoffs despite winning ten games. So take a hard look at the bottom five teams on this list and more than likely three of them will be fighting for a Super Bowl berth.

Who do you think will make the playoffs from each conference next year?