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Los Angeles Rams cut tight end Jared Cook, will the Broncos be interested?

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Kubiak loves adding tight ends, could he add Cook to the mix?

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According to multiple reports, the Los Angeles Rams parted ways with tight end Jared Cook, defensive end Chris Long, and linebacker James Laurinaitis. This report made the Denver Post's Troy Renck speculate that the Broncos could be interested in the former Rams tight end.

According to Renck, Cook's "name came up" before they acquired tight end Vernon Davis from the San Francisco 49ers. That trade ended up flopping big time for the Broncos, and Davis is heading to free agency.

Cook has played seven years in the league and has totaled 273 receptions for 3,503 yards and 16 touchdowns. This past season he had a down year for his standards. He totaled 39 receptions for 481 yards and 0 touchdowns.

Cook was a big ticket signing for the Rams back in 2013. He signed a five-year, $35,100,000 deal, but only ended up playing three out of five years of that deal.

Does Jared Cook make sense for the Broncos?

I could see it. Let's face it, Head Coach Gary Kubiak loves adding tight ends to his roster if he can.

Heading into the 2016 season, the Denver Broncos have an ever older Owen Daniels, blocking specialist Virgil Green, and rookie tight end Jeff Heuerman on the roster. Daniels has already said he is returning for the 2016 season, Green has yet to breakout like I think we all thought he could, and Heuerman is coming off an ACL injury and is unproven.

That's a lot of uncertainty at an important position on this offense.

Cook would add a receiving weapon at the tight end position, but not too much as a blocker. He is like former Denver Broncos tight end, Julius Thomas. An awful blocker, but can do things if lined up as a receiver.

His price tag shouldn't be too high considering his age, recent play, skill level.

Do I see Cook signing with the Broncos?

Not right now. Maybe down the road.

The Broncos have plenty of other contract issues to deal with before they should consider adding the veteran tight end. They have to tag Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller and work on a deal that will make him one of it, if not the highest defensive player in the league. They have to figure out if they can re-sign stud defensive lineman Malik Jackson who figures to cost top dollar. They have to figure out a potentially complicated contract for quarterback Brock Osweiler and have 23 or so other free agents as well.

Plus, you have the whole Peyton Manning thing to deal with.

I think the Broncos are set with their tight end unit. They were high on rookie tight end Jeff Heuerman, Owen Daniels proved to be a weapon when needed, and Virgil Green flashes potential once in awhile.

With that said, I believe the Broncos will add competition at some point, but I do not think they will be rushing to sign Jared Cook.

What do you think Broncos Country?