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Tony Gonzalez predicts that the Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl 50

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The former Kansas City Chief great predicts the Broncos will win Super Bowl 50.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez was asked who he believes will win Super Bow 50. His choice probably won't sit too well with Chiefs fans.

Gonzalez picks the Denver Broncos to defeat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. He says that defense wins championships and that Peyton is going to play well enough to get the Broncos their third Super Bowl victory.

(Video via Vic Tafur on Twitter)

It appears the former Chiefs tight end has a soft spot for the Denver Broncos.

Back in 2014, Gonzalez said the Broncos would go undefeated and win the Super Bowl. Yes, the former Chiefs great thought the Broncos would go 19-0. Now he thinks they're winning Super Bowl 50. He also picked the Broncos to beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship despite everyone else picking the Patriots. I wonder what Chief fans think about this.

That is not all that Gonzalez said. He was asked if he thought quarterback Peyton Manning would retire after Super Bowl 50, and he believes he will.

"In my personal opinion, I think it’s going to be his final game and I think that’s going to be a real treat for all of us. I think this is going to be the final stance for The Sheriff and I’m sure it’ll be addressed and it should be. The legacy he’s left on this game, it’s the blueprint and it’s the inspiration for all the young QBs coming up."

Gonzalez goes on to say that he will 'never count out The Sheriff'.

I really hope Tony is right. The Broncos winning and Manning going out on top would provide everyone with one of the greatest storybook endings ever written.