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2016 NFL Draft: Broncos talked to Paxton Lynch's high school coach back in November

Could the Broncos be targeting a quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports, the Denver Broncos have showed at least some interest in potential first round quarterback, Paxton Lynch. Back in November, the Broncos were among three teams to contact Lynch's former High School coach to talk about the quarterback.

Lynch's high school coach, Allen Johnson told the Daytona News-Journal that the Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, and the Denver Broncos have called him up to talk about Lynch.

"The scouts that call me want to know about his character and what type of kid he was," Johnson said. "They're doing their due diligence."

The Broncos have done their due diligence on the incoming quarterback prospects each season under General Manager Elway, so it makes sense that they are continuing that this season. What makes this noteworthy is the potential need at the quarterback position for the Broncos next season.

Peyton Manning is nearing the age of 40 and coming off a Super Bowl victory. It's likely that Manning rides off into the sunset. If not? The Broncos will probably be forced to part ways with the future Hall Of Famer. Either way, he's unlikely to return to the Broncos(Archie agrees with me).

So it makes sense that General Manager John Elway would be doing his homework on the top quarterback prospects in this year's draft.

Lynch's draft stock has been as high as a top five pick to as a low as a late first to early second round selection. So there is a chance that the Broncos could have a chance to draft Lynch at 31 or trade up a handful of spots to get him if needed.

So who is Paxton Lynch?

Quarterback Paxton Lynch, Memphis

Name: Paxton Lynch
Position: Quarterback
Height: 6'7"  Weight: 245lbs
Age: 22  Experience: R
College: Memphis

He is a 6'7", 245lb quarterback out of the University of Memphis.

He played three seasons at the University Of Memphis and put up some impressive numbers while there.

He totaled 8,865 yards passing with 59 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. He also added 687 yards rushing with 17 rushing touchdowns.

This past season Lynch played rather well. He threw for 3,778 yards with 28 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He completed an impressive 67% of his passes. He added 239 yards rushing with 2 more touchdowns.

These numbers are one of the reasons why Lynch is considered a potential first-round prospect in this year's NFL Draft. The other reason is his natural skill set.

Lynch has the size and body type you look for in an NFL quarterback. He has a strong arm, he's athletic, and doesn't make too many mistakes(sacks and interceptions).

With all that said, he probably isn't a day one starter in the NFL. He is a bit of project, and could use some time on the sideline to improve his mechanics and other things.

Scouting report(via


Very tall, athletic body with the ability to scan over the top. Elite foot quickness for a tall quarterback. Can maneuver quickly out of a busy pocket and away from trouble, but desires to keep passing option alive. Sets up in the pocket quickly and generally keeps feet "throw ready". More functional scrambler than "tuck and run" quarterback. Sacked just 15 times over 477 drop backs. Able to win with his feet when he needs to. Has a quick release to overcome his slight wind­-up. Has enough arm to drive the ball into restricted windows. Has enough arm to attack downfield while on the move. Makes good decisions. Rarely takes the cheese when cornerbacks try and bait him. Displays qualities of a field leader and isn't easy to rattle. Yards per attempt have exploded over his last two years. Can gain chunk yards as a zone-read quarterback and will appeal to boot­-action teams. Will be challenging to defend in the red area. Took better care of the football cutting turnovers down from 16 last season to just four this year. Completed 54.6 percent on intermediate throws (11­20) and 44.9 percent on deep balls (21-plus yards) including 19 touchdowns and just two interceptions.


Needs to improve ball placement for catch­-and­-run throws. Inability to throw with the desired accuracy on the move forced him to leave yards and plays on the field. Must learn to better anticipate routes and stay ahead in the rep. Doesn't quite have the quickness through progressions that he will need in the pros. Has to learn to move defenders around with his eyes to open throwing lanes. At times, crowds targets against the sideline. Needs to stop babying play-­action passes and cut them loose. The consistency of arm strength has been overstated. Inconsistent weight transfer in delivery forces him to muscle some throws. Perimeter throws lack velocity and will nose­dive on him. His ball comes out with wobble and isn’t always the most catchable. Touch throws over inside linebackers needs work.


While the hype around "dual threat" quarterbacks has subsided, Lynch possesses the size and athleticism to make NFL teams take a second look. Unlike other size/speed quarterbacks like Vince Young and Colin Kaepernick, Lynch prefers to extend passing plays with his feet rather than bolting from the pocket, but he is still likely to make plenty of plays with his feet over the long haul. Lynch shows the ability to read defenses and make smart decisions, but not yet at an NFL starting level. While he has the physical tools to start right away, a team who is willing to allow him to sit and study his craft for a year could reap maximum rewards in the future.

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