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Report: Broncos offered Malik Jackson a five-year, $50 million deal, but Jackson wants more

Will the Broncos and Jackson agree to a deal?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to Eric Goodman of Mile High Sports, the Denver Broncos have offered defensive end Malik Jackson a five-year deal worth around $50 million dollars, but Jackson is reportedly seeking a five-year, $75 million dollar deal.

According to Goodman, the Broncos original offer to Jackson was a three-year deal worth $24 million dollars which averaged out to $8 million per year. That obviously wasn't even close to what Jackson wanted so they added more years and upped their offer to $10 million per year. However, Jackson is reportedly seeking $15 million dollars annually.

This deal would make Jackson one of the highest paid defensive players in the league.

With the Broncos probably making Von Miller the highest paid defensive player in the league, and have multiple other free agents to address, I do not see them giving Malik this kind of deal.

It's possible a team with a ton of cap space like the Giants, Raiders, Jaguars and Bears could give Malik something to close to that. That's the reason why I believe Jackson will test free agency no matter what the Broncos offer him. I think he wants to see what his value is on the market, and will compare the deals he receives to the one the Broncos have on the table for him.

The question here is how much higher will the Broncos go? As I said prior, I do not see them going as high as he wants, but they could offer him a deal worth $12 or $13 million annually.

Also, will Jackson take a little bit less to stay with the Broncos? Goodman tweeted out that Malik will take $5M less overall to stay in Denver but not much more than that. So that comes out to be $1M less per year from his reported asking price.

At this point, it looks likely that Malik Jackson will be signing with another team this offseason.

With the defensive line depth in this year's draft, I believe the Broncos will draft one or two in the first four rounds to help replace Jackson's production. I would much rather go this route instead of paying Malik Jackson a ton of money.

The Broncos have the best defensive line coach in the league, let Bill Kollar mold another stud defensive lineman.


According to the Denver Posts Troy Renck, he says Goodman's report is "false" because the Broncos have offered more than what he reported.

Malik has said recently that he would be looking for Suh like money or something in the "ball park" of that.

I'm thinking more just getting paid. One hundred million dollars is a lot of money and J.J. was Mr. Defense a few times and a Pro Bowler. Suh was doing great things when he was in Detroit, so I'm not even saying $100 million. I'm not even saying $90 million, but somewhere in that ball park would be cool.

What do you think Broncos Country?