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Chad Brown says the money Malik Jackson is looking for is more than fair

Malik Jackson will get paid well by the Broncos or someone else because of the position he plays according to Chad Brown.

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Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive just can't stop talking about Malik Jackson. Earlier, MHR brought you an update on negotiations between Jackson's agents and the Broncos as reported by Eric Goodman. On Tuesday's show they talked with former NFL linebacker Chad Brown, who thinks Jackson's proposal isn't as outrageously high as most people think.

You might assume that Brown is simply a big fan of Malik Jackson, but he doesn't seem to be the case. Brown thinks the key to Jackson's deal (with any team) will come down to the value teams place on his defensive end position. Interior pass rushes have increased in value over the years, and Brown believes Jackson's contract, which is sure to be high, won't seem out of line five years from now.

Jackson's agent is reportedly looking for a 5 year, 75 million, 15 million a year contract.

"The money he [Malik Jackson] is looking for is more than fair considering his value." - Chad Brown

There's also an interesting bit about potential tension between a highly paid Malik Jackson and other defensive players who have already signed cheaper long-term deals with the Broncos (specifically Derek Wolfe). But it seems unlikely any player will fault a fellow teammate for negotiating the best deal they can.

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