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Horse Tracks: Rumors abound

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In the NFL this is the time of year where there seem to be piles of stank all around. There's a ton of buzz (I think from flies), no football being played, and wasted time with interview questions that are never going to get a straight answer.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Look, I get it. We love NFL football. I know I do. I just watched my team win a championship this past season. The juices are pumped man. Nevertheless, there just isn't jack or squat happening right now other than rumor and bull. And you know my opinion on bull.

So no, you won't get a nice synopsis of a trade rumor or my take on a guy from college the Broncos should draft (I can't help anyone there...I don't watch college ball). Instead, let me just give you some heartfelt advice from my boy Fox Mulder: trust no one.

No organization with any sense whatsoever is going to give any meaningful information to any media person right now. There is no win there for them. Generic answers abound along with outright lies.

Now that I've properly peed in your Post Toasties, let me whet your appetite for something with substance. There is one thing I can offer to MHR in the offseason that has worth: No Bull perspective. I'm working on a series of posts that should give us a really nice view of where we are roster-wise right now along with identifying where our strengths and weaknesses are. Hopefully this will give us some good discussion points to chew on and collectively get us some solid ground to stand on as far as what we can and should do in free agency and what we need to look for in the draft.

Hang tight people. We'll have tables, pictures, lists, and a whole smattering of No Bull to help get us going as we close in on free agency.

Broncos News

Sundays with Sacco: A new season begins
The Broncos will begin preparing for a new season and another draft with the Scouting Combine next week, where they can find impact players at all levels.

Draft News

Who do experts think each team will pick in the 2016 NFL Draft? -
A roundup and compilation of all the expert mock drafts on the Internet in beautiful pie charts. Love this post...yummy pie charts abound.

In search for O-linemen, Broncos want to test 'football knowledge' - Denver Broncos Blog- ESPN
Any run on defensive linemen or even QB could push O-linemen down in the early rounds of the draft, and the Broncos would take a long look at each. Insights to our coach's thinking here: we like smart players.

Free Agency Preview: How can the Broncos upgrade their run game? | Mile High Sports
With free agency around the corner, can the Broncos upgrade their running game? I normally hate slideshow posts, but there's some good info in here. Wait until you see the big reveal at #1. LAWL

AFC West News

Doug Pederson continues to praise Chiefs' Chase Daniel -
A pattern has emerged. Ask Doug Pederson about Chase Daniel and the new Eagles coach will shower the Chiefs backup quarterback with praise. Should we, as a people, be reading into this? Cool angle here: is he full of bull or is he an idiot for being so truthful and loud about it?

Chiefs, Eagles potential landing spots for RGIII -
It's crystal clear that Robert Griffin III's future is not with the Redskins. So where could he end up in 2016? Ian Rapoport laid out some options Wednesday, including one NFC East destination. Please no...the chefs actually like Alex Smith. Let them continue to wallow in sucktitude with their junky QB.

All the other teams who aren't 2015 Champions News

Rating the salary cap flexibility of all 32 NFL teams
Great read here on a decent opinion of each team's salary cap situation. If you aren't big on reading the contract sites to see what each team is sitting at, this will get you up to speed on where each team is in general.

Jason Garrett on Greg Hardy: 'He's a free agent' -
The Cowboys received a lot of negative attention for signing Greg Hardy last year, and Hardy brought more negative attention to him throughout the season. It now seems his time in Dallas is up. LOL

NFL rumors roundup - NFL Rumors- ESPN
We explore Colin Kaepernick's willingness to play for the 49ers, the status of Broncos free agents and the Bills' plan regarding LeSean McCoy. I'll throw a bone to people who like this stuff and include this link. Protip: lies, lies, and more lies!

Giants interested in bringing back Jason Pierre-Paul, Robert Ayers - New York Giants Blog- ESPN
Even if both players are retained, the Giants will likely be looking for pass-rush help in free agency and the draft.

John Fox gives reporters at the NFL combine a real "teat" | Mile High Sports
John Fox proves he is as loquacious as ever when he met with reporters at the NFL combine. Oh John. I sure as heck do not miss having you "lead" our team.