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Will C.J. Anderson become the Denver Broncos featured back in 2016?

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Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

As someone who is desperate for news that doesn't involve Malik Jackson or Brock Osweiler, I was excited to hear Gary Kubiak talk about C.J. Anderson at the NFL Combine on Wednesday. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro must have felt the same way as they also talked about it on The Afternoon Drive.

Goodman broke down Anderson's 2015 season and noted that Anderson came into this season very pleased with himself, but was in unfamiliar territory with being 'the guy' and Goodman thinks it got into his head a little. The entire segment is a very insightful listen regarding Anderson's growth as a player and a man.

The big question in 2016 is whether Anderson will be able to take the next step to become the feature back in Denver or whether he will always need to be paired with another running back to split carries with.

Bonus Listen

Back to the Oswiler/Jackson watch, Eric and Les discuss how ready Brock is to take over the Denver Broncos as the teams starting quarterback.