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Report: Denver Broncos and Von Miller on verge of mega long-term contract extension

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Great news Broncos Country! Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Denver Broncos are very close to locking down Von Miller to a mega long-term extension.

If John Elway and the Miller camp get a deal done soon, then that opens up the Broncos to use the franchise tag on someone else. The only two options that would make sense is to use the tag on Brock Osweiler or Malik Jackson.

According to Rapoport, the freedom of a long-term deal with Miller opens up all sorts of options for the Broncos with Osweiler. Jackson is not mentioned.

If true, that would mean the Broncos value Osweiler at a $20 million a year rate for one year over a much smaller dollar amount by tagging Jackson.

Stay tuned, it seems like things are about to get interesting in Denver!