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And the #Broscar goes to...

The 2016 Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, so in honor of that, I have a few Oscars of my own to give to the Broncos. Or, as I like to call them, Broscars.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

I was going to write about the Combine because one of my favorite non-sports sports events occurs today - the #RunRichRun event in which Rich Eisen runs the 40 in his suit.

But I pretty much just said everything there is to say about that.

Run Rich Run - Starts Friday

Then it occurred to me what a golden opportunity I had with the upcoming Oscars. It is Friday after all, and you deserve something a little crazy to begin your day. Don't worry, there will be plenty of speculation and rumors - and hopefully some actual reports on contract news - to fill the rest of your Friday.

For now, let's have some fun with a few Broscars:

Best Actor in a leading role - Von Miller

The Super Bowl's MVP wasn't always the most productive guy on the defense every game, but he was always the biggest factor driving the movie toward Best Picture status from the opening credits to the final scene. (*also a strong contender for Best Costume Design).

Best Actress in a leading role - Cam Newton

Although this can almost perennially be awarded to Philip Rivers or Tom Brady, a new drama queen has emerged - Cam Newton. He did it with such flare at the Super Bowl, that it's only fitting he be given an award. After all, it's the only trophy he's going to walk away with from that game.

Best Actor in a supporting role - Derek Wolfe

Tough choice between Wolfe and Darian Stewart here because both played key roles in taking away an opponent's "other" weapons, but given Wolfe's consistency in playing every game after his suspension and in the defense's dominance over an offense's running game all year, the award will go to Wolfe.

Best animated feature film star - Emmanuel Sanders

This guy doesn't do anything without a smile on his face or a gigantic salute. And whenever he's doing either, it's because he has just done something practically heroic to keep the Broncos' offense moving forward.

At 5-feet-11, he isn't anywhere close to among the biggest wide receivers on any NFL field, but his personality is so big, it makes up for it ten-fold. And his production has been huge - even as the designated No. 2 receiver - catching for more than 1,100 yards this year, just a few hundred shy of his best season-to-date in 2014.

And it should not go understated that Sanders is a huge fan favorite. The second-year Bronco has endeared himself to Denver, as his recently launched photo signature app testifies. You can send Sanders any photo you want using ESandersApp and he'll sign it for you.

The idea came from Josh Bryant of Limelight Communication as he and his son were on a plane ride to Denver before the Week 12 game. Bryant's son was flipping through the pictures on his phone and stopped on one of him and Sanders and said it was his favorite. The rest of the flight, all Bryant could think about was developing a platform "where I could send that photo to E for him to sign and send back."

Thus, the app was born. It does cost $24.99 for the signature, but he runs frequent contests on Facebook and Twitter to sign a bunch of photos for free. App developers have created it so that only Sanders can access the photos to be signed, and you get a personal message on the photo too.

With just one more year left on his three-year deal with the Broncos, you can bet fans will be hoping No. 10 sticks around for quite a few more movies.

Best Original Score - Bradley Roby

Yeah, I know this is supposed to relate to music, but Roby's "scoop-and-score" touchdown against the Chiefs in Week 2 was so melodic it silenced an entire Arrowhead Stadium. That's an Oscar-worthy performance if ever there were one.


Best Drama - The Manning/Osweiler Series

Could there have been more drama this season for our quarterbacks? Let's hope not. Between the regular season and the so-far brief offseason, Manning has more than had his share of drama, and his understudy certainly was forced into the fray when he came in midseason and did a bang-up job for the entire cast.

But as it has been noted many times, both quarterbacks and the coach handled the situation with so much maturity that the drama became a winning performance that earned a trophy far better than any Oscar.

Best Director - Wade Phillips

So much good has been said of this man this season, but he deserves at least one more accolade for the magic he pulled together out of a very talented lot of defenders. A good director takes stars and makes the entire movie a work of art. That's what Phillips did with this defense - he made it into a work of art just about every game but nowhere better than in the Super Bowl.

Best Cinematography - Super Bowl 50 confetti raining down on the Broncos

There was no prettier picture all season than that, and Elway's raising of the Lombardi in owner Pat Bowlen's honor was the most special.

Best Picture - Super Bowl 50

Come on. You knew that one, right?


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