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Should the Broncos take a running back in the first round?

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With the NFL Combine picking up steam, the folks of AM1340's Afternoon Drive discussed a handful of draft related topics, in particular, the prospect of the Denver Broncos taking a running back in round one.

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The reigning Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos have a lot of work to do this off-season in order to keep their aspirations of a back-to-back title afloat.

With the NFL Combine under way and free agency just days away, the Broncos staff has been working diligently to formulate their primary and fall back plans in order to have the team in top form for next season.

As always, fans should expect John Elway and the rest of his crew to make some big waves this year and surprise the rest of the NFL community with the moves they will make in both regards.

The folks of Mile High Sports' AM130's Afternoon Drive covered a handful of topics on yesterday's show that correlate to such objectives, such as bringing back Ryan Clady on a reduced rate, improving the offensive line and floated the prospect of the Broncos taking a running back in the first round in order to improve their efficiency on offense.

Andrew Mason gives his draft dish from the NFL Combine

Writer and analyst from, Andrew Mason was one of their special guests who they brought on who is currently covering the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

The opening question asked to Mason was whether or not there is a feeling that the Broncos will be inclined to take an offensive lineman in the first-round of the NFL Draft. According to Mason, he believes the potential inclination is there, that it is a strong class, but ultimately will come down to how their board shakes out.

"It's deep. They can probably find a second, third or fourth round offensive lineman that could help them.  I think it's going to be not a heavy offensive line draft, but I'd be surprised if they didn't use two or three picks, but not necessarily their first-rounder. Their first rounder I think they will be settling for the best player available." - Andrew Mason

Instead of taking an offensive lineman in the first round, Mark Knudson (filling in for Eric Goodman) entertained the idea of the Broncos taking a running back at that spot instead. Knudson feels that the team doesn't necessarily need to get younger on the offensive line, but they just need to get better. He raved about Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott, who believes he could be this teams' version of Terrell Davis and Arian Foster.

Mason agreed that a running back might just be what the team needs to help spark their offense, but whether or not Elliot falls to the Broncos first pick remains to be seen, but it might be hard for Denver to pass him or Derrick Henry up if they are available at #31.

He also talked about several fullback prospects, in particular Northwestern's versatile Dan Vitale and Kansas State's Glenn Gronkowski that could help the Broncos offensively as well.

Kyle Montgomery talks free agency and the draft

Les Shaprio and Knudson then brought Mile High Report's managing editor Kyle Montgomery on to the show to discuss a myriad of topics. First and foremost, Montgomery was asked by Shapiro how fans prioritize the Broncos top free agents. According to Montgomery, he and Broncos fans believe that Malik Jackson would be the top priority to bring back, followed by Brock Osweiler and Danny Trevathan.

The conversation then shifted to who the fan base would be exited about drafting early on. Montgomery noted that it is hard to get truly excited about any of the rumors coming out of Mobile, stating that Elway could very well be using smokescreens that cloud the true intentions of where the franchise is heading.

However, Montgomery did mention that the prospect of drafting a running back is quite popular with our staff and many of the readers of Mile High Report.  He isn't as excited about the idea as some us and noted the Broncos currently have a stable of running backs who are undrafted and it would be a huge surprise and a major shift in philosophy under John Elway to prioritize a running back that high.

So what do you guys think?  Should the Broncos draft a highly-touted prospect at running back in the first round?  If not, what position or player would you like to see them target? 

Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.  As always, thanks for reading and have a great weekend.