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Peyton Manning's retirement announcement is coming, per report

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Peyton Manning's storied NFL career is coming to an end.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning's retirement seemed imminent. Able to ride off into the orange-and-blue sunset following Denver's Super Bowl 50 victory, and at 40 years of age, the stage had been set. Even so, the latest development, a step closer to finality, is breaking news.

The Sheriff is hanging them up. That wild postseason rodeo was his last.

This, according to The Denver Post's Woody Paige, citing two sources.

According to Paige, Manning will "acknowledge his retirement decision by the end of this week." Given that the article was published late afternoon Saturday, and "this week" is just about over, it's not clear whether that means in the hours ahead or in the days ahead. But Paige is confident: Manning will retire.

The Broncos say they haven't yet been informed of the decision, but this looks like the end for Peyton Manning's career in Denver and in the NFL. It couldn't have gone out on a better note.


Mike Klis talked to sources close to the Manning camp and they are refuting Woody's claim, instead backing the idea that nothing has been decided.