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Horse Tracks: Why you should be celebrating Peyton Manning's time in Denver

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The rumors are swirling around Peyton Manning's likely retirement announcement and it seems to be sparking two very different reactions from Denver Broncos fans. On Facebook yesterday, there were those celebrating Manning's time in Denver and there were those spewing vitriol over his final season here.

Granted, we should take anyone on Facebook with a grain of salt, but clearly these people exist. Regardless of how mightily Peyton struggled in 2015, it should not take away from his four mostly magnificent years in Denver.

Here are some of his accomplishments in just four seasons in the orange and blue.

  • 2013 NFL MVP
  • Two AFC conference titles
  • One Super Bowl championship
  • Four AFC West titles
  • 50-15 record as a starter
  • 20-2 within the division
  • 19,062 passing yards
  • 151 touchdowns

The offensive woes down the stretch had less to do with Manning than the struggles from the offensive line. A majority of the Broncos offensive drives were stalled by poor play from the tackle position, where both starters graded near the bottom of the NFL in nearly every category.

I'm not making excuses, just adding perspective. The reason Manning was needed in the playoffs over Brock Osweiler was for that very reason. The experience of Manning's 18 magnificent Hall of Fame career was far more important than Osweiler's strong arm and better athleticism. And that experience led these Broncos to a world championship.

So yes, we should all be celebrating his time in Denver. Even the time he struggled at the end.

And don't worry, he's still going to retire.

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