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Report: Denver Broncos will use franchise tag on Von Miller

With the deadline to use the tag set for 2 p.m. Tuesday and no deal yet, there's no way Miller hits the open market.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

So much debate with the Denver Broncos.

What will they do? What could they do?

One aspect is starting to clear up, and that's the franchise tag. As each second passes, the likelihood John Elway slaps the exclusive franchise tag on Von Miller becomes a certainty. Nothing has been been announced by the team as of Monday afternoon. The deadline for teams to use the franchise tag is 2 p.m. MT Tuesday.

The Broncos will try to take advantage of every second they have to get a deal with Miller until that deadline. If no deal is worked out, the tag will get used and they'll continue until one is reached.

There was a report from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport last week that Denver and Miller could get a "mega" deal worked out before the deadline to use the franchise tag. That doesn't mean a deal can't and won't get struck before the start of NFL free agency on March 9, it just means we can, more than likely, end the debate of the franchise tag. There's no chance Denver let's Miller hit free agency.

Since Miller will get the exclusive franchise tag, that rules out any chance to use it on Malik Jackson. Elway stated last week that he would not use it on Brock Osweiler. The exclusive tag means no other teams can negotiate with Miller.

Rest assured the two sides will work to get a deal in place as soon as possible to make Miller the highest paid defensive player in the NFL and in history.

Just because a deal has yet to get done between the Broncos and Miller doesn't mean anything to Jackson or Osweiler and what happens with them. According to CBS' Jason La Canfora, most believe Osweiler stays in Denver. There's also been speculation that Elway and the Jackson team could be closer to a deal than the other two.

But as is the case with situations like this, it's all rumors. No one really knows. You may hear two different reports from two reporters who work at the same place.

The most likely scenario is a deal gets struck with one or all three and you see a tweet from ESPN's Adam Schefter to announce it.

There's still over a week for Elway to work his magic. The lone deadline that looms is the franchise tag, and as we inch closer to 2 p.m. Tuesday it's pretty clear how that will play out.