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What if Peyton Manning tries to stick it to the Denver Broncos?

The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro had a lot to say on Monday about Peyton Manning and his potential retirement decision with the Denver Broncos. One of the questions they posed was how it could go down if Manning decides to "stick it to" the Broncos.

In that scenario, Manning will force the Broncos to cut him rather than a cheery retirement ceremony. Les theorized that maybe Manning didn't appreciate how the 2015 season played out and may have felt this Super Bowl victory was more hollow than appreciated.

It certainly looks like from the outside looking in that some sort of rift now exists between John Elway and Manning and those sour grapes could end up finally coming to light if the Broncos are indeed forced to cut Manning before the March 9th deadline.

If that happens, it would truly be sad considering the amount of success both have enjoyed in Manning's four years in Denver and it will be a great challenge for us fans to try to separate that fallout from the four great seasons of football.

For now, I'm going to choose to believe that Manning retires and Elway can gush over him in the press conference and publicly everything looks like the storybook ending we all hoped it would be.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les chat with Michael Pritchard, who thinks Manning and the Broncos must split even thought it will be a painful process.