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The sentimental vote is clearly siding with Peyton Manning this week

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It's hard to not be rooting for Peyton Manning this week (even if you are a Panthers fan).

If you are a football fan there is probably at least a small part of you that wants to see the Broncos win on Sunday - just because of Peyton Manning. Even if you are not a Broncos fan. Manning's legacy and his character have placed him in a unique position among star quarterbacks. Even NFL analysts, when asked, are usually quick to say how great it would be to see Manning lift that Lombardi trophy one more time.

Today Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive interviewed former Buff Solomon Wilcots about his work with helping raise money for alzheimer's trials and his feelings about Peyton Manning. Wilcots is clearly a fan.

Wilcots on Manning

"My heart is 100 percent with Peyton Manning."

"He's always been presidential. He's always been giving. He's always been focused. He's always been very thoughtful in his answers. He's been wonderful to work with. I think he's exemplary of what we want NFL players to be."

"How can you not root for a guy like that. This is a legacy game for him. He could be the first quarterback in the 96 year history of our league to win 200 career games. No other quarterback has done that."

Bonus Listen

Chad Brown talks about the importance of the Broncos defense stopping the Panthers run game on Sunday.