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Linebacker Danny Trevathan expects the Bears to be interested in him during free agency

Could the Broncos linebacker reunite with John Fox?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan met with the media today and was asked about free agency. He said it is in the back of his mind, and he believes the Bears will reach out to him, but right now he is focused on the Super Bowl.

As we all know, Danny Trevathan will join the long list of Denver Broncos free agents that includes Von Miller, Malik Jackson, Evan Mathis, Brock Osweiler, Ronnie Hillman, and David Bruton. So the chances of the Broncos re-signing him seem slim at the moment.

When asked if he was thinking about free agency, he admitted that it was on the back of his mind but he's focusing on the Super Bowl.

"It’s in the back of my mind, but right now this is the biggest game of my life. I can win or lose on this game. I know what it takes, I’ve been here before. It wasn’t a pretty one but I know what it takes and I know what I need to do to get to that next level in my life and on the field."

I like hearing this from Trevathan. Of course, free agency is on the back of his mind. He has a big payday, and a potential move to deal with, but this is the biggest game of his life. He's focused on playing well and getting himself a Super Bowl ring.

Now if the Broncos do allow Trevathan to hit free agency, one team that many expect to show interest in the linebacker is the Chicago Bears. They're coached by former Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox and Trevathan expects both sides to talk sometime in the near future.

"I believe I can fit in any scheme. Coach Fox is one of the guys that gave me the opportunity to showcase I can fit within the scheme. I’m sure it’ll be there, I’m sure we’ll end up talking, but right now my main focus is this game. Whatever happens, happens. This game could make or break my contracts. It’s up to me to make the most of it. I think I’m doing a good job right now and I’m locked in and focused."

It will be interesting to see if that interest does happen during free agency. It looks unlikely that the Broncos will be able to re-sign Trevathan because of all the other guys they will have to try to sign.

Von Miller will likely be Franchise Tagged and the two sides will then focus on a long-term deal, they will try to sign Malik Jackson to a big deal, figure out a good deal to give to Brock Osweiler, and focus on all the other free agents This could make Trevathan the odd man out, unfortunately.

Time will tell how this plays out. I would love to see Trevathan return to the Broncos. He's a warrior and has played at a high level while with the Broncos.

If Super Bowl 50 is Danny's final game as a Bronco, let's hope he plays really well and comes away with a Super Bowl ring.