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Don't worry about Peyton Manning's hips

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He's just fine.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In case you trust the Internet/Twittersphere for your breaking news on the Broncos, there's a chance you think Peyton Manning won't be able to walk in time for the Super Bowl.

Our quarterback is no spring chicken.

Our quarterback is not the most mobile among his NFL peers.

But our quarterback is not three days from the old folks home - so don't worry about Sunday.

Manning's comment about needing hip replacement surgery came in reference to a question about concussions and CTE, asking if he were concerned about whether he might develop CTE later in life.

"Certainly when you have injuries, when you have surgeries, the doctor sometimes will mention to you, whether you ask him or not, ‘Hey you are probably heading for a hip replacement at a certain time in your life.' I said ‘Doc, I didn't ask you if I was going to have a hip replacement. I didn't need to know that right here at age 37, but thanks for sharing. I look forward to that day when I am 52 and have a hip replacement.'"

And please imagine Sarcastic Manning when you read that quote.

Will No. 18 need hip replacement surgery after playing quarterback for nearly 30 years, 18 of them in the NFL?

Most likely. Heck, I'm probably going to need hip replacement surgery "down the road" too.

But for many years - or at least until Sunday - we can hope for more of this first: