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Matt Forte says could see himself playing for the Denver Broncos

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Would you like to see him in the orange and blue next season?

The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro had Chicago Bears soon to be free agent running back Matt Forte on their show on Thursday. The caught up with him at The Grove near Super Bowl City to talk football and the star running backs pending free agency.

On if he enjoys seeing two run-heavy teams in the Super Bowl

"Yeah cause its been the same every year. Like it's always that cliche 'passing league' stuff, but the teams that end up in the Super Bowl run the ball."

On the possibility of having been traded to the Broncos this season

"Yeah, that would have been sweet[laughter]. It's the Super Bowl! You know, I think it[the trade rumors] was just a lot of media talking and all that stuff. Obviously it didn't happen and I would have expected our GM not to lie to my face, because he told me I wasn't getting traded. So I think that was a whole lot of "he said, she said" kind of stuff."

On where he thinks he'll be playing next season

"I don't know. I have no idea. I haven't talked to the Bears since the end of the season and free agency is in March, so we'll see."

On if Denver could be a destination spot for him in free agency

"Yeah, you always want to be on a team with a great defense. That would definitely be a consideration for me."

On Kubiak's running scheme fitting what he does

"Exactly, yeah. Kubiak even when he was in Houston had a great running scheme and loves those outside zones and stretch plays and he loves to run the ball. So I'm down for it and if you don't run it, I can catch the ball too."

Super Bowl 50 Segments

Matt Forte was the lone segment that had little to nothing to do with the Super Bowl, so if its that you crave Eric and Les had an all-star cast of interviews on Thursday - all talking Denver Broncos and Super Bowl 50. Every single one of them is an interesting listen.