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Peyton Manning puts in another strong practice for the Broncos

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Manning has been looking good during practice this week.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today was the final practice for the Denver Broncos before Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, and Head Coach Gary Kubiak really liked what he saw this and last week from his team.

Kubiak said the "Hay's in the barn" meaning the Broncos work is done this week

Kubiak says his team is ready for Super Bowl 50, but might be a little mentally tired after a long week of work and media obligations.

It’s been a good week,’’ Kubiak said, standing in the end zone after today’s practice. "It’s been a good two weeks, really. You see they’re ready. They may be a little mentally tired—just a little bit. They need to go rest for a couple of days and get ready to cut it loose Sunday."

Yesterday it was reported that Peyton Manning was "on fire" during practice, and he continued that during today's practice session.

Manning threw a total of four incompletions on Thursday, but cut that down to only one on Friday. He threw and completed a bomb to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

As I said last night, Manning and the deep ball will be something the Broncos will need to do on Sunday. Manning will pick and choose when to take his shots, and if the Broncos want to win he will need to connect on a few of those.

I like the Broncos chances of doing this. Cornerbacks Robert McClain and veteran Cortland Finnegan are beatable and will be two corners I see Manning targeting on Sunday.

The Broncos also received more good news on the injury front. Safeties Darian Stewart and T.J. Ward who are important to the Broncos success on the field will be good to go for Super Bowl 50.

"The preparation has been good all week,’’ Kubiak said. "The only thing is if our safeties had been good to go for two weeks. But they’re ready for the game, so that’s what counts.’’

All 53 Broncos players are listed as probable for the Super Bowl, so injuries will not be an excuse this time around.

Now the wind-down period begins for the Broncos. They have one final pre-game workout on Saturday with an 11 a.m. team photo and walk-through practice at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, site of Super Bowl 50.

Head Coach Gary Kubiak also said the team will not change hotels this weekend. In the past, teams have decided to do this so they're at a more secluded are, but neither the Broncos or Panthers are doing that this weekend.

"I’ve done it both ways—staying at the hotel, and moving the night before,’’ he said. "We’re comfortable where we’re at. We know where the meeting rooms are. We know where can hide. Plus, I like guys instead of just being in the rooms and staring at the mirror having the opportunity to see their moms and dads and families.’’

We're almost their Broncos Country! The media stuff is done, the practices are done. All that is left is putting the final touches on everything and getting ready for the Super Bowl which is only 48 hours away.

I can't wait!

Go Broncos!!!!