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Create-A-Caption Contest: Super Bowl Week Edition

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Create a caption for this picture and win a prize! Think witty, hilarious, and clever - and remember to keep it clean. Give us your best caption in the comments.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's Super Bowl Week at create-a-caption. The players have answered more questions than anyone can count. Great questions, silly questions, and completely stupid questions. Bring on the game already!

What is the MHR Create-a-Caption contest you ask? Every week MHR will give you a photo and we're looking to you to create the funniest, wittiest, most hysterically awesome caption for it in our comments section.

One winner every week will get two GrOpeners - one orange and one blue! What is a GrOpener, you ask? Check it out below:

Last Week


"Hey Shannon, remember when you called the President to send the National Guard because we were killing the Patriots? Well, they look dead now."

- OrangeandBluesBros

Honorable Mentions:

"Any chance you could teach Vernon how to play his position again?"

- Bob in Boulder

"Shannon, let's show these youngsters how it's done."

- Whorfin