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Broncos' Wade Phillips named Assistant Coach of the Year

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If defensive coordinators could win Coach of the Year, Phillips would be a shoo-in.

While Broncos fans lick their Hall of Fame wounds and more Raiders and Steelers get inducted (same $&*%, different year), some good news came out Saturday night.

Wade Phillips won the NFL Honors' Assistant Coach of the Year for the 2015 season.

Phillips led the Broncos to the No. 1 defense in yards allowed, net passing yards allowed, and rushing yards allowed, as well as defensive DVOA and PFF grade. The Broncos advanced to Super Bowl 50 behind their No. 1 defense, which as a lot to prove as the Broncos approach Super Bowl 50 as five-point underdogs.

It's been quite a year for Phillips; let's cap it off with a Super Bowl 50 victory, shall we?