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Cam Newton MVP: Broncos must be Superman's Kryptonite in Super Bowl 50

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Superman is the MVP. Are the Broncos his Kryptonite?

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The Denver Broncos have beaten Aaron Rodgers. They've deconstructed Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. They've sacked and intercepted and beaten Tom Brady, twice.

They have not faced a one-man challenge as tough as Cam Newton all season, as evidenced by his no-surprise selection as 2015 NFL MVP Saturday night.

Cam Newton's resume now includes:

  • Being the first quarterback in NFL history to have 35 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns in the same season.
  • Becoming the sixth player in history to win both the Heisman Trophy and the Associated Press NFL MVP award.
  • Becoming the fourth player in the last eight years to win both MVP and Offensive Player of the Year in the same season.

Advanced analytics suggest Newton's 2015 season wasn't quite so dominant - he was the 4th-graded quarterback by Pro Football Focus and 9th-best by ESPN and Football Outsiders' QBR. But he's undeniably the biggest reason the Panthers nearly went undefeated in 2015, and he was my vote for Most Valuable Player as well in 2015.

Von Miller and company have a tough job cut out for them Sunday in Super Bowl 50. Hopefully it's a repeat of the last time the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft (Newton) faced the No. 2 pick (Miller). (via Broncos Wire)

Von Miller sacks Cam Newton GIF