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Super Bowl 50 picks: Puppies and porcupines pick Broncos, proving animals are smarter than humans

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Puppies and porcupines wisely pick the Broncos while those silly humans side with the Panthers.

Charles Darwin may need to revisit his theory of evolution, because there's clearly been a regression when it comes to the intelligence of homo sapiens.

Look: The Denver Broncos are going to win Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton and company are in for a rude, Orange-Crush awakening. But the humans - they're mostly oblivious. Just about 1/3 of ESPN analysts are picking the Broncos. Only two of ten Sports Illustrated correspondents are siding with the orange and blue. Similarly for NFL Network, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC, and even our own SB Nation.

Silly humans.

The animals, on the other hand, know what's up.


First, Jimmy Fallon gets the party started with some seriously adorable canines. The puppies veer straight for the Broncos bowl like Von Miller veers for quarterbacks. Nom nom nom.


Second, this noisy porcupine. I had no idea porcupines made noises. Let alone noises similar to the snickering Broncos fans will be making in the 3rd quarter as Cam Newton gets sacked again.


I guess the bear ultimately picks the Panthers here by engorging himself in cat guts, but let the record show he knocked the Broncos football down first. First! And then he left the Broncos football in a beautiful, preserved state, which is an appropriate metaphor for the way the Broncos will cleanly wreck the Panthers Sunday in Super Bowl 50.

Philosophical metaphorical bear, y'all.

You make the pick

Help us restore the sanctity of home sapiens, slightly, with your orange and blue prognostication below.