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Super Bowl 50 odds: Broncos getting last-minute action over Panthers

The Denver Broncos remain underdogs, but the number of bets going each team's way is evening out as Super Bowl 50 approaches.

The Denver Broncos have been five-to-six-point underdogs for most of the bye week and media week heading into Super Bowl 50. The spread hasn't changed much, but the action has, in Denver's direction, according to ESPN. Enough money has been going Denver's way that Vegas may even be rooting for the Panthers instead of the Broncos, according to the report.

[A] midweek flurry of big bets on Denver from respected players, followed by weekend money on the underdog Broncos, evened out the action.

Sportsbook operator CG Technology reported "steady Denver money" on Saturday, including a six-figure bet on the Broncos. To begin the week, 86 percent of the money bet on the Super Bowl spread was on the Panthers at CG Technology. As of Saturday afternoon, that was down to 54 percent.

This is good news for Vegas sportsbooks, who set the line not so much based on the strengths of each team as on bettors' perception (and wages) for each team. As the money bet gets closer and closer to 50 percent, it doesn't matter whether the Panthers or Broncos will be crowned Super Bowl champions; Las Vegas sportsbooks will be winners either way.