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Super Bowl City is quite an experience

Being an out of market Denver Broncos fan, it is a rare opportunity that I get to enjoy anything Broncos-centric at a public event. However, with Super Bowl 50 just a few hours drive from my home, I knew I couldn't pass up the chance to see what it was like to hang out with a bunch of Broncos fans.

Super Bowl City in downtown San Francisco was the place to be on Saturday. My oldest daughter and I arrived early, which was a smart move as by the time we left one could barely walk in any direction.

Broncos Fan Rally

The main reason I attended was for the Broncos fan rally, which was the first event of the day on the main stage. However, NFL Network wanted to get a piece of the action, so Miles and the Broncos Cheerleaders led a big chunk of the crowd to the Fan Zone for some Broncos madness.

The crowd size more than doubled once we took over the City Stage.

Then we got some Broncos legends up on stage to let us know how the Super Bowl 32 team got zero respect too leading up to that game. It definitely feels to the same to us!

Afterwards, I got to run into some characters I always see on TV, but have never had the chance to see in person. The coolest cats were the Pom Pom guys.

And of course, getting to meet my fellow Mile High Report staffers was the best part.

At the end of the day, I got to feel like part of Broncos Country for the first time outside of this very blog. It was awesome. Next on the bucket list ... attend a Broncos home game in the Fall!

Panthers Fan Rally

I also stuck around for the Carolina Panthers fan rally and the crowd was decidedly smaller. In fact, those of us Broncos fans that just hung around outnumbered those Panthers fans supporting their team. If the Super Bowl attendance is anywhere near what we saw on Saturday, it might be a bit loud for Cam Newton.