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Peyton Manning was emotional during Broncos team meeting on Saturday Night

The Broncos need to win this.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and linebacker DeMarcus Ware addressed the team Saturday Night during their team meeting and became very emotional.

Team President Joe Ellis told Sal that "both were very emotional and near tears,"

Many people have assumed that Super Bowl 50 would be Peyton Manning's final game in the NFL before he retires. He told New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick that "this might be my last rodeo", and now had an emotional speech the night before the game.

Ellis went on to say that Manning tried to lighten the mood a bit by telling some jokes but became very emotional when talking about how much this game means to him.

"Peyton told a few jokes to lighten the mood," Ellis said, "but then he got very emotional. And so did DeMarcus. The room was silent. It was a very emotional gathering."

Manning didn't specifically say that Super Bowl 50 would be his final game, but actions speak louder than words here.

I have been pretty anti-Peyton Manning this year, but I feel like inspired to go out there and make some plays for Manning and Ware. I can only imagine what their teammates are feeling right now.

They have said all week that they want to win this one for Peyton and Ware. This will more than likely be Manning's final game, and this is Ware's first Super Bowl appearance in his Hall Of Fame career (and who knows if he is thinking about retirement or not?).

The Broncos have to win this. Throw out the stats, the advanced metrics and all the other stuff. The Broncos will be an inspired football team. They will go out there and play the best game of the season and win this Super Bowl not only for them, but for their teammates.