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Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers - Second Half

The Denver Broncos took a 13-7 halftime lead over the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton gets the ball first to start the second half, so it will be that Broncos defense again.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sure we would love to see the Denver Broncos with a bigger lead right now, but 13-7 is basically you 2015 Denver Broncos. The defense is dragging along the offense in a big game, but like the regular season I also think a big play will be made by the offense to seal the deal in Super Bowl 50.

If not, then the Carolina Panthers might steal one away as the defense can only hold the line for so long. They have already been on the field more than we would like and the Panthers get the ball first.

Something tells me we're going to see both teams score one more touchdown a piece and the Broncos hold on for dramatic Super Bowl win. At least, that's what I'm hoping for!

How do you think the game will play out in the second half?

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