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This one's for Bronco Mike! Broncos win Super Bowl 50 24-10: Instant Reactions

Disrespected all year, the Broncos stun everyone but those with half a brain to win Super Bowl 50!

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

John Mother Freaking Elway for President!!!! The most clutch QB in NFL history is also the most clutch GM in NFL history!

This just in, I don't know who is in charge of MVP voting and I don't know who is officially gonna get the Super Bowl MVP, but Von Miller is my MVP! Have any of you seen a man on a mission like this? Has anyone ever seen a player dominate the game on defense like this?

What was that bull crap stat I saw that ultimately didn't matter? Has no team ever won the super bowl with no offensive turnovers? Well, let me say this, "No team has ever lost a Super Bowl with Von Freaking Miller starting on defense!"

CJ CJ CJ !!!!!! Thank you, Gary, for making Ronnie the drive killing Hillman the non-starter. 5 carries for -1 yards is pathetic. Thank GOD we have CJ Anderson! CJ freaking Anderson baby!!!!!!

Sorry for this format, but I'm too elated to think! WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS! STOP GIVING US PRAISE CBS, ESPN, NFLN, cause you sure as S**t didn't give us any leading up to this game! Take that crow, and shove it up all your collective asses!


Peyton Manning reverted back into Week 1 Peyton Manning, but that hardly matters and I really don't care. There is no "should he start next week" nonsense to be said. There is just this: Peyton Manning can go out on top like John Freaking Elway! The Provider! The real Sheriff! Do it, Peyton, seal your legacy as the second best QB to ever play the game only next to Elway! Go out on top like all of us fans wanted. Go out on top, head high, with a big bird flashing to the doubters! Thank you, Peyton, thank you for bringing your mastery to the Mile High City! Thank you for being a class act! Thank you for everything! Just... Just Thank You!!!!!

Demaryius Thomas.... catch the football. Contribute to our next Super Bowls. If you aren't going to try to earn your money, then just pull a Calvin Johnson and retire. I'm done with primadonna receivers holding out for money and then refusing to earn it.

Emmanuel Sanders, Hemanuel Sanders, you are a bad ass! 6 catches for 83 yards! You sacrificed your body for this team. You sacrificed your health for your brothers in arms! Thank you for choosing us over those sad-sack Chiefs! Your love for our team, city, and fans just got you a world championship baby!!!!

CJ Anderson, you are the offensive MVP next to Sanders. Both of you came up huge for our team! When the dust settles and the smoke clears, you will go down in history as the RB to score our only offensive touchdown in Super Bowl 50! I love you CJ!


What can you possibly say about the defense other than this: You are the most dominant group I've seen since the 1985 Bears! Do you love how disrespected you were? Don't you love hearing how you'll get eaten alive? Don't you love how nobody gave you a chance? Do you feed off of making everyone look like chumps? How does Panther meat taste Wade? A little chewy, but oh so tasty!

Von Miller, you just became the highest paid player in the NFL. You are dominant! You showed everyone in the nation who the real MVP is! Dump that bucket on Kubes Von and DeMarcus! You two are brothers and its clear that you played for each other!

Demarcus Ware, you too can go out like Peyton, or you can try defending your title. Either way, Thank you for becoming a Denver Bronco! You mentored Von Miller and really made him the man and player that he is today!

Stewart, you are a stud! Chris Harris Jr., you are a freaking STUD!!!!! Holy crap, I'm so glad you took a hometown discount for your team and fans! You are what Denver is all about! Thank you!!!

Aquib Talib, after you calm down, please come back next year!

TJ Ward, God I love your emotions! Your dreams came true. You left the Browns for this reason! Welcome to Denver! I love you too!

Derek Wolfe, please talk sense into Malik Jackson. This doesn't come in New York, it comes in Denver!

Special Teams

You guys are rockstars! I doubted you in the preseason, but boy oh boy have you proven the entire nation, including your fanbase wrong! STUDS! All of you are studs!!!!!


Gary Kubiak becomes the first person to win a Super Bowl as a player and head coach! I love you, Gary! Now get that offensive line under control, and lets defend this mother!

Coach Wade Phillips, if the MVP voting was done after the super bowl like it should be, you'd be coach of the year in a rout! Almost as big of a route as this defense against anybody! You are the champion, my friend! Now crack a few brews and celebrate with your team!


We won!!!! WE WON Broncos COUNTRY!!!!! Like 1998, we were underdogs and made everyone bit the soap! Nobody can take this away from us! For the new generation Broncos faithful, this right here, this is what it is like to be a Broncos fan! Now let's lose our mother effing minds everyone! We are the freaking champions of the world!!!!!

This one's for Mike

A special shout-out to MHR's fallen brother Bronco Mike. Gone but not forgotten, we're a Mile High with you our friend.

Go Broncos!