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Peyton Manning is "done in Denver," says father Archie

Whether or not Peyton Manning rides this Super Bowl 50 victory into the orange and blue sunset of retirement, his father Archie believes Manning is done in Denver.

"I think Peyton's done in Denver," Archie Manning said on the NFL Network. "I think Peyton's done in Denver. He may be done everywhere."

Manning Sr. then backtracked slightly: "You know what? I don't stick my nose in it, so I don't know that. I don't know that. But that's my guess."

After the game, Peyton wouldn't confirm retirement either way, saying he didn't want to make an emotionally-driven decision. Archie's comments suggest Peyton may still want to play, but elsewhere. Perhaps the offensive mismatch of Gary Kubiak and Peyton Manning is to blame?

Peyton Manning's offensive regression in 2015 was remarkable, precipitated by a 2nd half collapse in 2014, but exaggerated this year in Kubiak's offense. The limited offense was still enough to win a Super Bowl as counterparts to Wade Phillips, Von Miller, and that Orange Rush Broncos defense, but will it be enough for Manning to stay in Denver, should he decide not to call it a career?

We'll have to wait and see. For now, we'll follow Peyton's lead, and enjoy this moment.