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Broncos will open up the 2016 season at home after winning Super Bowl 50

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The Broncos ended the 2015 season and will start the 2016 season.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50, they have earned the right to open up the 2016 season at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Thursday Night.

The Broncos have a chance of playing either the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders or the San Diego Chargers.

So who will they play? My money is on the Carolina Panthers. A week one rematch of Super Bowl 50 could make for some good TV. Cam Newton is a big name they can promote, and obviously, the Broncos are the defending champs.

I would say New England makes sense, but the NFL is still seeking to get quarterback Tom Brady suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. I don't see the NFL risking a Denver Broncos and New England Patriot season-opening game that doesn't include both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

The Broncos have hosted the Colts for their season opening game before, but with the Broncos likely without Peyton Manning, that matchup has lost its luster a little bit.

The Falcons and Texans really aren't intriguing matchups so I don't see the NFL going that way.

A divisional matchup on week one is a possibility. The Broncos against the rival Kansas City Chiefs could be fun or against the up and coming Oakland Raiders. I don't see San Diego being the choice for multiple reasons.

So it appears it will either come down to a Super Bowl 50 rematch or a divisional game. As I said earlier, my money is on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers heading to Denver to take on the Broncos to kick off the 2016 season.