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Seriously? The Denver Broncos still get no respect

The fact the Broncos just won Super Bowl 50 with the best defensive performance in history earns them No. 5 on ESPN's early power rankings.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The disrespect continues.

Not even 24 hours removed from a dominating 24-10 win in Super Bowl 50, the "experts" just cannot help themselves.

According to the mothership and its 2016 "early" power rankings, the defending Super Bowl champs come in at No. 5 on its list.

Yes, No. 5.

You start to wonder if these people actually watch football.

Did these "experts" not see what the Denver Broncos did in the playoffs?

That's a rhetorical question since these are the same people who said the Carolina Panthers would blowout the outmatched Broncos.

They got part of that right - there was a blowout, only for a different team. Yes, a 14-point win with that defense is a blowout.

You would think the best defensive performance in Super Bowl history might garner a little more respect and credit than this. They should have learned after the AFC Championship Game when the Broncos did the same thing to mighty Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Hey, at least they're consistent.

They must truly think this defense and team is a fluke. Or perhaps their pride is wounded after getting it so grossly wrong, and discounting the team next season makes them feel better.

They must envision a decline in the offense when Peyton Manning retires and think John Elway won't re-sign Brock Osweiler. Regardless, given a few pieces here and there, the defense won't change. And that unit just won a Super Bowl.

Are we being punked? Are the Broncos?

Nothing and no one will cast shade on this amazing, incredible, unforgettable ride for the Broncos. They carried the disrespect to a Lombardi Trophy when few outside of Broncos Country thought they would.

As for 2016, this team won't have to look far for that added motivation to defend its title.