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'Pat Bowlen Day' is Colorado's new holiday celebrating Broncos owner

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Governor Hickenlooper and Mayor Hancock proclaim February 9th to be "Pat Bowlen Day"

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

During the Super Bowl parade at Civic Center Park, Mayor Michael Hancock, and Governor John Hickenlooper signed and presented a Proclamation to Annabel Bowlen, February 9th is officially "Pat Bowlen Day".

The Denver Broncos won their third Super Bowl on Sunday, when they defeated the Panthers 24-10. Owner, Pat Bowlen has been battling Alzheimer's disease and was unable to attend the game or parade. After the win, John Elway held up the Lombardi, stating, "This one's for Pat!"

When the Broncos won Super Bowl 32 in 1998, Pat  Bowlen raised the Lombardi above his head, yelling "This One's for John!" 18 years later, John Elway, the Broncos, their fans, and the state of Colorado were finally able to get one for Pat.