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Video: Five reasons Colin Kaepernick to the Broncos makes sense

Via The Sacramento Bee, there are a number of reasons the Broncos and 49ers could make a deal for Colin Kaepernick happen.

If it feels like you woke up in a quarterback-less twilight zone Thursday Broncos Country: 1. You did, and 2. You're not alone. After Peyton Manning retired and Brock Osweiler retreated to Texas, the Broncos are now looking at other non-starting quarterbacks around the league as real options to be their starter in 2016, and it feels like we need to be talked into it.

Consider this video via The Sacramento Bee a next step.

While a few of these reasons are obvious ("1. The Denver Broncos need a quarterback", a few are a bit more interesting. Kaepernick's success with a QB-minded coach is intriguing, while his geographic availability makes it easy for the Broncos to kick the tires on Kap, if they're given permission to.

Maybe "Plan C" is for "Colin"? I still feel uneasy about this potential move, so let's keep taking it slow and talking ourselves into it, together.