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Emmanuel Sanders has the QB situation figured don't worry

With John Elway's options for starting quarterback disappearing fast, Sanders has a few QBs in mind he may want to consider.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE!! In light of actual trades for actual quarterbacks, Emmanuel Sanders stands his ground:

Sometimes serious situations call for a good laugh.

So when your future Hall-of-Famer QB retires and your "future of the franchise" QB leaves - both within two days of each other - desperate times call for desperate measures.

That's why Emmanuel Sanders is hosting QB tryouts on Twitter to help John Elway find just the right guy.

Sanders added that Rico has "that clutch gene you want in your QB. When the game is on the line his confidence grows."

And when Trey Wingo tweeted back "Laugh now, he may be at OTAs," Sanders countered:

And once the fun-loving wide receiver started defending his "Uncle Rico" from Napolean Dynamite as a possible selection, his Twitter timeline blew up with other ideas - all of which No. 10 assessed their potential fit on this Broncos squad.

Apparently Willie Beaman was a bad fit because he and Sanders couldn't come to terms with some of Manning's perks.

Of course Paul Crewe was suggested, but Sanders was all about signing Bobby Boucher too since he figured the Broncos would probably need a linebacker soon as well:

Both quarterbacks from Friday Night Lights got some love - Matt Saracen and Vince Howard - but Sanders wasn't apparently a fan of the show that was all about high school football in Texas. Hmmm...guess our wide receiver was too busy practicing on the jugs machine to be watching TV.

Someone even suggested that the POTUS - soon to be a Free Agent - has a good arm, which Sanders confirmed deserved a solid look:

Finally, Broncos kicker Brandon McManus jumped in and mentioned he could throw the ball too...why not give him a look at QB?

But Sanders had to quit his Twitter tryouts when he realized the Broncos were signing away more of his teammates:

At least we know Emmanuel Sanders isn't going anywhere this next season. At this rate, he might need to be QB too.