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Pro Football Focus says the Broncos are Colin Kaepernick's best fit

Kaepernick would be most successful in Denver says Pro Football Focus.

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The Colin Kaepernick to the Denver Broncos rumors really picked up yesterday with NFL Network's Michael Silver saying the Denver Broncos were the favorites to trade for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The other teams trying to trade for Kaepernick are the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. This morning there were reports that Kaepernick would like to play with the Cleveland Browns, but would that be his best fit?

According to Pro Football Focus's Steve Palazzolo, the Denver Broncos would be Kaepernick's best fit.

Joining the defending Super Bowl champions is the best fit if Kaepernick leaves San Francisco, if for nothing else than just to play with one of the league’s best defenses, taking the pressure off him in the passing game. Kaepernick was at his best early in his career when the 49ers tapped into his running ability as a threat in the designed-run game, while working off play-action and creating easy intermediate and downfield throws. A return to that style is necessary to get him back on track; even if he’s not featured in the running game as heavily as he was before, his mobility will be an asset in head coach Gary Kubiak’s outside-zone scheme. A mobile quarterback helps to keep the defense honest in that system, and the heavy play-action approach will allow Kaepernick to hit the deep crossing routes that were his strength early in his career.

Joining the Broncos is the perfect in my opinion.

He has the mobility to keep defenses honest on Kubiak's patented play action bootleg plays. He has a strong enough arm to throw the deep ball off those play to Emmanuel Sanders or Demaryius Thomas, or hit the tight end in the middle of field.

The Broncos will still play strong defense despite losing a few starters. They will still get the run game going despite probably losing C.J. Anderson to the Miami Dolphins.

Adding Kaepernick would probably be an upgrade over Brock Osweiler. It makes too much sense for it not to happen.

As I said above, there are reports stating that Kaepernick would like to play with Head Coach Hue Jackson in Cleveland. Well, Pro Football Focus believes that the Browns would not be a great landing spot for Kaepernick.

The last option is the Cleveland Browns, which certainly wouldn’t be as favorable of a situation from a talent standpoint, but it may be a good pairing with new head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson’s most recent project, Andy Dalton, is coming off his best season, as Jackson built the system around his skill-set. The issue with being traded to the Browns—when compared to the Broncos or Jets—is entering a rebuilding situation where another quarterback is likely to be drafted in the very near future, while the Broncos and Jets are capable of competing immediately with their respective defenses. So, while Kaepernick may benefit from Jackson’s tutelage, his future replacement is likely to be taken with the No. 2 pick in the draft.

Cleveland has zero weapons, they lost 2 of their starting offensive lineman, really do not have a run game, and has been a mess of a Franchise for many many many years. It is where quarterbacks go to die in the NFL.

Hue Jackson is a great offensive mind, but Kaepernick wants to leave one dumpster fire to an even bigger and messier dumpster fire in Cleveland?

Come to Denver Kaepernick and save your career and help this team repeat as Super Bowl Champions.