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Malik Jackson is bewildered by the Denver Broncos moves in free agency

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive got a chance to chat with former Denver Broncos defensive lineman, Malik Jackson, on Friday. He signed an incredible $90 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars to open free agency.

Jackson discussed how the contract was about setting his family up for generations. He would have loved to stay with the Broncos, but the Jaguars offer was so much more than what the Broncos were offering.

When asked about what the Broncos have done in the first week of free agency, Jackson admitted he was a bit bewildered by the decisions they have made so far. He noted that they will figure things out soon enough and make some moves to get themselves back on track.

Jackson felt that the trade for Mark Sanchez was a solid move given how things worked out earlier in the week. He may not be the best in the NFL, but he is at least a proven guy with experience in big games.

Overall, Malik had good things to say about his former team. It was clearly tough for him to move on, but no one should blame him for the decision. The Broncos valued him far less than the Jaguars, so he clearly made the right move for his life and career.

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