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Report: Colin Kaepernick trade at an impasse

From the Sacramento Bee, Matt Barrows is reporting that there is an impasse between all of the parties involved regarding a potential Colin Kaepernick trade. The question now is who blinks first.

Anything could happen from here. The most likely candidate to blink first in this standoff is the San Francisco 49ers. They know they have a quarterback who absolutely wants out, so they may decide to just go ahead and take a lesser offer from the Denver Broncos if they have the contract agreement worked out.

The Cleveland Browns appear to value Kaepernick in the $7-$8 million range, which should be clearly unacceptable for Kaepernick's camp. Perhaps the Browns blink first in those negotiations.

The entire situation is quite fluid, but I would surmise that John Elway will be the least likely of all the parties to blink first. Whatever they have on the table is less than the Browns and it looks like it may stay that way.

Mike Silver tends to agree with me in his most recent update on Twitter.