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Report: Denver Broncos will not be pursuing Ryan Fitzpatrick

The price is well above what the Denver Broncos would like to spend.

You can take Ryan Fitzpatrick off the table. The Denver Broncos reached out to his agent to see if his asking price was within range and it was not.

Reportedly, Fitzpatrick is asking for $18 million a year. If the Broncos wouldn't pay Brock Osweiler that much it is doubtful they will come to Fitzpatrick with that number. The 33 year old journeyman quarterback is coming off a career year where he threw for 4,000 yards and 31 touchdowns for the New York Jets. His career touchdown to interception ratio is also respectable at 154-116.

Who knows, maybe the Broncos might revisit this if the Colin Kaepernick trade talks do not go down as John Elway hopes. For now, however, they are quite reluctant to come anywhere near Fitzpatrick's salary demands.