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Horse Tracks: Broncos fans unsettled in free agency

With the exodus of free agents in Denver, Broncos fans are understandably nervous. Many of the names they've come to know and love are setting up shop in places like Jacksonville, Chicago, and Houston. Fear not, Broncos fans. John Elway has a plan and running our beloved team into the ground isn't it.

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I'll admit it. Sure, I have been a little surprised that so many players that contributed to the Super Bowl victory a little more than a month ago will be suiting up for other teams. As with every year, I expected some amount of turnover, but it seems like this year it's different.

Winning a Super Bowl shines a light on every player so bright that it manages to obscure their true value. They don't yet have their rings, but the bling of what happened in Santa Clara is tipping the financial scales in the player's favor...and good for them. My dad always said that when it comes to work, you're worth what people will pay you. I got no hard feelings for anyone chasing a check.

Should the Broncos have tried harder or paid more to hold on to their players? Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but Elway is sticking to his plan. As fans we owe it to the team to trust in what they're doing. Elway brought Manning to Denver, made us the powerhouse of the AFC West, won two AFC Championship titles, and a Super Bowl. To flip out just a week into free agency may be a little premature.

Malik Jackson was going to get paid and we all knew it. After seeing the contract the Jaguars gave him, there was just no way that could have happened in Denver. The often injured Danny Trevathan, bless his heart, is replaceable. Good on him for getting back with former Broncos coach John Fox.

C.J. Anderson got an offer to become a top-paid running back in the NFL from the Dolphins. After never cresting 1,000-yards rushing in Denver, there was no chance he'd ever sniff that kind of money from the Broncos.

Then there's Brock. While I do feel sorry for those fans that beat the door down at the Broncos store at Dove Valley and at the stadium to buy his jersey at a premium (you should be smarter than that), reports have surfaced that he never intended to sign with Denver in the first place and only used the Broncos to drive his price up. Now, in Houston, he's the guy with the huge contract and, finally, the pressure to win is on him. Elway the quarterback had seen over the last four years what skills lay within Osweiler and John Elway the GM said..."No thanks, not at that price." Frankly, that's good enough for me.

All these players went out and got paid and good for them. The Broncos are sticking to their plan and so far that plan is not to overpay for players, no matter who they are. It's that kind of fiscal clear-thinking that allowed the Broncos to land Ware, Ward, and Talib after the failure of Super Bowl XLVIII. Sit tight Broncos Country, despite what the sports pundits may say, there's no trophy for winning the first week of free-agency. This week should be interesting.

In Elway we trust.


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