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Denver Broncos salary cap update heading into second week of free agency

The Denver Broncos were not quite as active during the first week of free agency as their former players were, losing Malik Jackson, Brock Osweiler, Danny Trevathan and possibly even C.J. Anderson during the first wave of free agent frenzy.

They did sign swing tackle Donald Stephenson and traded for quarterback Mark Sanchez. Add that to a contract restructure with DeMarcus Ware and you have quite a few changes in the available salary cap.

The Broncos started last week out with roughly $17 million in cap space, but Stephenson's deal ate up about $3.75 million, while Sanchez another $4 million. Ware's restructure recouped another $3.5 million, giving the Broncos a current cap space of $12,571,446.

Next up, will be Ryan Clady's restructure. The Broncos could use a chunk of his current $10 million deal to help bolster the roster heading into the 2016 season. So far, no significant movement has been made in those negotiations.

Of course, this could all change again today.