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Report: Broncos believe Colin Kaepernick's value is a fourth-round pick

The latest news is from NFL Network's Mike Silver and could be the last obstacle in a deal for the quarterback.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Another day, another standstill in the Colin Kaepernick trade talks.

The latest comes from NFL Network's Mike Silver, who tweeted out that the Denver Broncos believe the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is worth a fourth-round pick. There was some confusion when Silver said the Broncos offered a fourth-round pick. The only fourth-round pick Denver has is compensatory and teams can't trade those until 2017.

Silver later clarified that the Broncos believe Kaepernick is worth a fourth-round pick.

As Silver said, Denver would have to find a way to make that work.

One way the Broncos could do that is by offering their third-round pick and San Francisco sending Kaepernick and a fifth-round pick. Thus, that would equal the fourth-round value Denver believes he's worth.

Silver reported last week that the Broncos were closer to a restructure of Kaepernick's salary than were the Cleveland Browns, the other team involved with trade talks for him. And as was reported over the weekend, the longer free agency rolls on, the more he cools on Cleveland.

At this point, John Elway is being patient. He's not to going to rush into any deal that could cost Denver more than he wants to give up.

Most in the Bay Area media who cover the 49ers believe a conclusion will come this week.

It would appear the last hold up is the compensation. Will it get done?