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Breaking News: Broncos will match Miami Dolphins offer sheet to C.J. Anderson

Anderson stays in Denver and is getting paid.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Denver Broncos have informed C.J. Anderson that they will indeed match the Miami Dolphins offer sheet keeping him a member of the Broncos.

Last week the Denver Broncos placed the lowest restricted free agent tender on C.J. Anderson allowing all 31 teams to bid on him. Teams like the New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, and San Fransisco 49ers all placed bids on Anderson, but he accepted the Miami Dolphin's offer sheet. They offered Anderson a four-year, $18 million dollar deal and the Broncos had five days to decide whether or not they would match that offer sheet.

Well, Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway decided Anderson was worth that money and they matched the Miami Dolphins offer sheet.

Elway tweeted out a few minutes ago that he is happy Anderson is returning to the Broncos, and that they have high expectations for their starting running back.

Here is how Anderson's deal breaks down over the four-year span.

2016: $5.25 million signing bonus due March 31 (guaranteed). $675,000 (guaranteed), $100,000 workout bonus. Total: $6 million

2017: $2.9 million ($1.7 million guaranteed). $100,000 workout bonus. Total: $3 million

2018: $4.5 million (not guaranteed)

2019: $4.5 million (not guaranteed)

The Broncos will have to pay Anderson $5.25 million dollars by March 31st.

After seeing the front loaded deal the Miami Dolphins offered Anderson I thought there was no way the Broncos would match that offer. Especially after placing the lowest tender available on him, which implied that they really did not value Anderson.

Well, I was wrong, and they are paying Anderson a big chunk of money next year and showing that they do indeed value Anderson.

Glad you are returning to the Denver Broncos, C.J. Anderson.