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How will Elway improve the Broncos offense?

Another quarterback sure would be helpful . . .

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If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times. The Denver Broncos offense was arguably the worst offense to ever win a Super Bowl. Right now Broncos fans can reply to that statement, "So what? We won the Super Bowl!" But clearly everyone in Broncos Country wants an improved offense next season. As good as the remaining players on the Broncos defense are, they have lost some quality players and it will be hard for them to be as dominant as they were last season. Touchdowns (offensive ones) can come in really handy during games after all.

On Tuesday Les Shapiro and Eric Goodman on The Afternoon Drive discussed concerns over the Broncos offense and how it can be improved. As far as the quarterback position the feeling right now is that Mark Sanchez will be the backup. But it's impossible to know if Elway will be able to make something happen with Colin Kaepernick or Ryan Fitzpatrick. So why not ponder what the Broncos offense would be like with Sanchez as the Broncos #1 QB?

Feeling good about Mark Sanchez:

There's one way I feel good about Mark Sanchez. If they get more depth at running back. I'd like to see them take a look at Alfred Morris. I think he's the best running back left on the market. And I'd like to see them pluck somebody in the draft. And then I'd feel ok with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Look, he's going to need a very strong support system. Running back, tight end, offensive line. Then I'd feel ok with him at quarterback. He's not bad. He's not elite. But he's not bad. He has shown flashes, he has won in this league.

Shapiro's hope is that with a more sophisticated offense, Sanchez could be more successful than he was in years past. The problem with that argument of course is that the Broncos offense was far from sophisticated last year. The word 'struggling' doesn't really cut it either. The injuries on the offensive line, lack of a running game, low tight end production, and poor quarterback play will have that effect on your offense. The Broncos need more stability next season if they want to have a shot at repeating.

We now know the Broncos will have C.J. Anderson back (with higher expectations) and that Matt Paradis will return as the Broncos center. But there is a lot less clarity with the rest of the offense. When people can't see the end of the road - they tend to panic. It's not time to panic - it's still early. However the Broncos clearly have a lot of work to do this offseason.

Our own Tim Lynch took a look at roster spots the Broncos still need to fill yesterday. Head to the poll and comments section to let us know what area of the offense you feel the Broncos need to focus on the most.

Bonus Listen

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