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Horse Tracks: Calling "Bull" on some muddy hindsight

This time of year is rife with speculation, rumor, and bull. 2016 is no exception. Now we're hearing that everyone we lost could have been kept in orange and blue by former players and the whispers start in Broncos Country. Let's get some "No Bull" perspective on this.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I've been on vacation for a few days, but one thing I kept seeing mentioned while casually keeping up on news was something about Malik Jackson saying the Broncos could have kept him. This talk has been bantered about in comments, among the staff, etc. There's a lot of hindsight bull going on, honestly. Let me count the ways:

  1. This is a former player in front of the media. He's going to always put his best foot forward ("I would have stayed, but they didn't want me!").
  2. Any contract extension would have meant spending money today on a player who is on a cheap contract. Sure, do this for the guys who are going to sign at a reasonable rate, are players who are at low risk of mailing it in once they get a big contract, and are exceptional (See Chris Harris, Jr. and Derek Wolfe).
  3. We didn't have the cap space or cash on hand the past two years to make it happen while keeping enough money on hand to sign emergency free agents.

The reality of today's NFL is that players who play really well are going to get paid really well. As a franchise, your team must manage how it spends its money. The more talent you have / grow, the more you spend on all the little pieces along the way. This means if you are a good team, you don't get 50M+ at the end of each season to throw around at big free agents.

To keep competitive, you have to play a balancing act between drafting starters, paying out a few big contracts to stars, and signing decent talent at as reasonable rate that you can. Every choice is tough from Tim Tebow to Brock Osweiler, from Rahim Moore to Malik Jackson, etc. You can't ever sign everyone.

Add to that the fact that we just won a Super Bowl. All other 31 teams want a piece of what we just accomplished. Many of them have lots more money to spend than we do. They can afford to pay Brock 18M a season. More power to them. There has yet been a snap of football played in 2016 at the NFL level. Before anyone jumps of a cliff, remember the moves we made after the 2014 season. We have sound leadership in the Broncos organization. They aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they've done pretty darn well in recent history.

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