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Broncos' Super Bowl record-holder will work for Oreos

Super Bowl record-holder Jordan Norwood is a free agent with a unique signing bonus request.

Broncos free agent wide receiver and return specialist Jordan Norwood has already had a pretty sweet postseason. His 61-yard punt return in Super Bowl 50 - nearly for a touchdown - was the longest in the big game's history. It was so sweet, hey, let's watch it again.

Now that he's a free agent, Norwood's understandably got a handful of potential suitors in the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and your very own Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

But what would sweeten, or even seal the deal, for Norwood?


This isn't a new thing for Norwood. He has a long history of loving on those sandwich cookies.

Norwood even likes some Oreo things that are not quite Oreo things.

Which makes us wonder - maybe Norwood can go the Peyton-Manning route instead and sign a lucrative sponsorship deal with Oreo while he's looking for a contract to sign?

Never mind. Norwood's already a step ahead.

Just like he was on February 7th.