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Broncos No Bull Review: Quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian

Our Denver Broncos offseason positional review continues, discussing what the team has based off of 2015 production of players on the team. We'll review stats, eye-test opinion, contract situation, and depth on the Denver Bronco team as we prepare for the start of free agency and the NFL draft.

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I'm breaking down our team to look at what we have in the cupboard for this offseason. In doing so, I've gathered a bunch of data from NFL GSIS and ProFootballFocus to give us some stats to look at as we evaluate what our players did in the 2015 regular season. Also, contract info will be embedded when available. I'll add to that a synopsis of each player including their contract situation. Hopefully this helps Broncos Country here at Mile High Report be better educated on the state of the team.

Let's talk about the sky falling in Broncos Country for a bit. Our QB position is a hot topic with everyone freaking out by Peyton Manning retiring and Brock Osweiler leaving for greener (financially) pastures. There's honestly not much here to be excited about because there is no big name or "high ceiling" player on the team right now.


Name Cmp Att Cmp% Yds Yds/Att TD Int Sacks Rating PFF
Mark Sanchez 59 91 64.8% 616 6.8 4 4 9 80.7 0.8

Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez had a far better rating last year than Peyton Manning. Let's get this straight first. He's prone to mediocre play and when trying too hard, is prone to INTs as well. I think he's a guy who is more likely to settle into this offense and limit mistakes though.

I have to think that if the Broncos trade for Colin Kaepernick, Sanchez will be part of the trade

I'm sure Sanchez knows he's not a superhero who has to win the game. We'll be leaning on our running game and defense and hopefully that will free him up to make the easy reads and passes he's capable of making.

The downside I see with Sanchez is when he's in high pressure situations. If he's blitzed effectively, he rushes things and makes mistakes more so than most average QBs. We'll need our protection to really button down this season for him to be a serious option as a starter (this is a tall order as pass protection was our biggest problem last year).

Contract Info:

Denver really has a very affordable stop-gap solution in Sanchez. He's got a prove-it deal to stay with the team where if he can be an effective QB, we'll likely resign him.

The other thing to note here is that this is a very tradeable contract. I have to think that if the Broncos do make a trade for Collin Kaepernick, Sanchez will be included as part of the trade.

Trevor Siemian

Trevor Siemian

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Siemian wowed many of us last year in pre-season play. He's got nice mechanics and a big arm. He also did well under pressure and was fearless with his throws.

That being said, it was against a huge amount of players who didn't make the cut in the NFL. Fans always fall in love with young QBs who look good in preseason, but fail to temper expectations appropriate to the talent they were facing. I like what I saw from him, but let's see him do it against the 2s before we get too excited.

Also worth noting is that it has been rumored from the organization that they see him as a developmental project rather than an option this year at QB. As always, his performance in OTAs and TC can adjust that opinion accordingly.

Contract Info:

This is a great contract for a guy that your coaches like as a developmental project. If he can learn the pieces he needs to be successful in the NFL and get comfortable with the game at NFL speed, he'll be a real option in a couple of years.

Position Overview

The QB position is always a little over-hyped and over-analyzed given the nature of today's game. That being said, we do need a real option to start the season with and I'd like to think we can do better than Mark Sanchez.

The big deal that keeps nagging at the back of my mind is that John Elway was a QB and he knows QBs. He's got to have a better plan in mind for our offense and a way to help them take strides forward.

2015 was some of the worst offensive football I've seen in Denver since Tim Tebow suited up for us. I think we'll be just as effective with either of these guys in 2016 and it only takes one trade to make a big stride forward in our offensive play.