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Broncos have been eyeing RGIII, Gary Kubiak confirms

Kubiak would not say if they would bring the former Washington quarterback in for a visit. Are we closer to resolution?

The focus on the Denver Broncos' quarterback situation has been on one guy: Colin Kaepernick.

Broncos Country and the rest of the NFL has waited with bated breath for the move to happen.

"Is today the day?"

"What is taking so long? They can't go in with Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian."

When and if that move happens for the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is still up in the air.

Will the two teams agree to a trade? Or will San Francisco release Kaepernick prior to April 1 when his salary becomes guaranteed?

As if the situation wasn't crazy enough, Gary Kubiak threw some kerosene on the fire Tuesday morning in Boca Raton, Fla., at the annual league meetings.

Since the quarterback situation remains the big question for the defending Super Bowl champions, you knew Denver's head coach would be asked about it. Tuesday morning was reserved for the AFC coaches to meet the press.

His answer was enlightening, even if it did raise more questions.

Kubiak acknowledged the Broncos have evaluated Robert Griffin III as a potential quarterback. He would not say if they would bring the former Washington quarterback in for a visit.

With The Denver Post reporting that Denver would remain patient at the quarterback position, one might expect a deal could be imminent. Most of the reporting has focused on Kaepernick and the Broncos as the match, but the quote from Kubiak would hint Griffin is how they will lean if that doesn't happen.

Whatever direction Denver goes at quarterback, it's clear they will have to earn the starting job. As is the case with the other positions on the roster.

"We're not going to give anybody a job," Kubiak said. "We've got a good football team. Whoever comes in and plays that position for us is going to have to earn it. We feel like that's across the board for our team. Obviously it's going to be a new face for us and I think our players will be excited.

"Whoever we've got in there, (if) they are busting their tail and proving every day they can be the guy for our football team, I think our players will rally around it just like they did around Brock (Osweiler) last year when Brock played the seven games he played in. It's another challenge to work through."

The situation just got really interesting.

Will the Broncos turn to Kaepernick or Griffin?

Hopefully the fire gets put out soon.