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Report: Odds increase Colin Kaepernick stays with the 49ers

ESPN's Adam Schefter said the move by the Browns to sign RGIII is why Denver may be out on Kaepernick.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A potential quarterback is off the market for the Denver Broncos, and another may follow because of it.

Robert Griffin III signed a deal with the Cleveland Browns on Thursday, the club announced on Twitter. While it was highly unlikely RGIII would have ended up in Denver, there was speculation the team may have interest in a last resort situation. Mike Klis with 9News tweeted out that the Broncos never showed interest in Griffin. Klis said Denver made a few calls and were concerned about character.

Until John Elway, Gary Kubiak and the Broncos sign another veteran (as they have said they will) or draft a quarterback, the debate about who they'll tap will persist.

In that light, it makes sense that Denver becomes the favorite to land Colin Kaepernick, as has been rumored since early March. With the Browns now out of the running for Kaepernick (they were reported to have interest), it would appear Elway's patience may pay off. So the thought goes.

That is until ESPN's Adam Schefter said the move by the Browns increases the chances Kaepernick stays with the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, that is probably coming directly from the 49ers, so what else will the team say?

It's becoming clear that if any move happens with Kaepernick and Denver, it will come April 1, or around then.

Hopefully by then, we get some resolution on this front. When it comes to landing Kaepernick, we've heard everything from the two teams are at an "impasse" to this move will happen given time.

If Kaepernick is on the 49ers' roster on April 1st, his $11.9 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed that day. So if a trade were to happen, it would most likely come a day before that "deadline."

Deadlines spur action in the NFL, and at this point it would appear Elway is playing a game of chicken with the 49ers. "You really want to have that salary on your books for a player who doesn't want to be there? We'll see."

But as Schefter said, the Browns signing Griffin increases the chances Kaepernick now stays in San Francisco.

For those hoping for some clarity on the Broncos quarterback front, we will have to wait a bit longer.

Still, the suspense gets even more exciting.

What will Elway, Kubiak and the Broncos do?